3 quality artist brushes, with triangle handle for better grip.

Paint cups and paint in tubes.

Design stretched on an artist frame, and wallmount is attached.

Number guide and instruction papers.

Ready for delivery

Our prosess when we get an order. www.PaintByNumber.com

Publicerat av Paint by number den 30 november 2017

When you make an order, we need 1-2 days to prepare it.

We recommend that you paint like this. When the paint have texture, it really comes to life. Our QualityPBN have ofcourse lots of paint included. End your painting by using the numberguide and add all the paint thats left in the tubes. More texture = It looks more like an original painting.

Publicerat av Paint by number den 28 november 2017

Our first video show something important, paint the main objects with texture! If you paint the background without texture, the textured objects will almost pop out of your painting. When you have painted the whole painting you should use the number guide and add more texture with all the paint that is left. (There is lots of paint in our kits)

Texture makes one colour look like many colours, this is the main key to make your PBN look amazing.

Video is coming soon.

Publicerat av Sharon MacKinnon Shore den 19 december 2017